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2022 2040 569.5 M 433.8 M + 31 %

MENA’s population is rapidly growing

2022 2040 39.9 M 11.3 M + 253 %

The growth in pet ownership rates observed over the past 5 years is expected to continue

2022 2040 USD 12.6 B USD 1.8 B + 600 %

Resulting in a massive increase in companion pet healthcare spending


Pet owners in MENA increasingly humanize their pets and care for their well-being


Agree that their pet is considered as a family member


Place equal importance of their pet’s health to their own


Express great concern about future age-related diseases affecting their pets

Although people trust their vet, there seems to be frustration with the products and services they are able to provide

*We surveyed pet owners in MENA and here’s what they say:


Have low confidence in the quality of medicines on the market


Report limited availability of veterinary diagnostic equipment and services in their market


Trust the advice given by their vets despite their limitations

MENA demographics support a rapid expansion in pet health spending

MENA demographics support a rapid expansion in pet health spending


Of pet owners are middle class and above


Expect their pet spending to increase in the medium-term


Would cut other expenses to cater for their pet if their income declines

Vets in MENA want better products, equipment, medicines, and value-added services. They are not getting it from the market today.

*We interviewed vets in key MENA markets. The market is poised for an overhaul.

  • Current suppliers have little focus on brand building, stakeholder education, or value-added services
  • Opportunistic supply spurts are commonplace with questionable quality
  • Suppliers are often traditional businesses with limited to no speciality offerings
  • We are yet to see businesses focused on companion health in MENA

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